It is Rekonect's mission to be mindful and supportive to those organizations and individuals that are making a difference by giving back. As we receive many requests, it is important for us to know about our Philanthropic partners, their mission and how Rekonect will play a role. Rekonect reviews each request carefully and will only consider donations based on the following criteria:
- Charity must be registered and have proper tax free exemptions in place.
- Products are not sold to individuals.
 - Charity must align with the core values of the Rekonect organization
 - Charity must be able to articulate how, when and why the product is needed and its intended use.
 - Request made by individuals vs. an organization will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Thank you for considering Rekonect. Please complete the Donation Form and we will evaluate your request and provide approval within 2 weeks.